Our Vision:

We are the pharmaceutical company of the future, setting a new standard in generics by combining our collective experiences with an understanding of global market trends.


Our Mission:

To have a diversified business model that enriches quality of life and delivers outstanding value to all stakeholders.

Our goal:

is to become a leading global pharmaceutical company. Establishing  global presence,  Alvion is serving the healthcare communities and satisfying high performance employees.


Our portfolio and our pipeline consists of a range of products for the treatment of oncology, cardiology, general anesthesia, respiratory, neurology, gastroenterology and gynaecology.

About Us


Providing innovative solutions, Alvion Pharmaceuticals P.C. is a diversified pharmaceutical company, focusing in generic pharmaceutical products, having the vision to become one of the fastest growing pharmaceutical companies in Southern Europe and Middle East.

A private organization that counts on the performance of its employees, filling the gap in the pharmaceutical industry in Southern Europe. These high performance results shall be driven by identifying the needs of the markets and also by offering products with limited competition - first entry opportunities, orphan drugs and targeting niche therapeutic categories. Building long term collaborations with world class manufacturers, Alvion is developing a portfolio of choice for the medical community and all the distribution partners across the territory.Company Profile



The export oriented company

At Alvion, we are rethinking pharmaceuticals with a new business model that creates the pharmaceutical company of tomorrow. We strive for a change that is clearly visible in the markets we operate, our model, our processes and our actions. Alvion Pharmaceuticals is a company focused on the manufacturing and marketing of generic pharmaceuticals, biosimilars and OTCs across Southern Europe and MENA as well as offering innovative services from Contract manufacturing (CMO), co-development, pharmacovigilince to regulatory submissions across Europe.

Through its portfolio Alvion is offering both hospital and pharmacy medicines at an affordable cost, utilizing its experience in the global pharmaceutical industry by setting new standards for delivering pharmaceuticals across the patients and customers.

Looking for first entry opportunities for all markets of Southern Europe, Alvion is utilizing its know how to implement a new strategy of marketing generics in the territory.  Building strong and long-term collaborations with the most successful companies across the world, Alvion is aiming to create one of the most dynamic and fastest growing pharmaceutical companies in Southern Europe and Middle East.


Health Care Professionals

Alvion is committed towards all healthcare professionals such as pharmacists and the medical community to meet the challenges of today's rapidly changing pharmaceutical environment. Offering best in class medicines, Alvion is manufacturing its products at state of the arts facilities inspected from the FDA and the EU authorities distributing across various markets through a cost efficient supply chain.


Safety & Quality

High Quality Production

All manufacturers that produce for Alvion have been inspected from quality assurance division at regular intervals to ensure compliance with European and US requirements for pharmaceuticals manufacturing. The company's manufacturers must be licensed by the European Medicines Agency and are inspected by that agency.

Pharmaceuticals that are distributed in the EU are subject to quality controls at an approved European laboratory to ensure that the pharmaceutical fulfills the product specification. The laboratory is inspected and approved by the European Medicines Agency and Alvion’s QP.

Alvion’s QP releases the pharmaceutical product before it reaches the markets in order to ensure the quality meets the necessary standards. The release is conditional on all analysis results meeting specifications and on the pharmaceutical been manufactured, packaged and tested in accordance with GMP requirements, as defined in accordance with EU directives.


Business Development

In today’s challenging environment, Alvion Pharmaceuticals strives to become one of the most dynamic and competitive pharmaceutical companies in Southern Europe. To achieve such high performance, we stay focused on four important factors, Strategy - Markets, People, Products and Supply Chain. MORE

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Alvion Pharmaceuticals P.C. is a diversified pharmaceutical company, focusing in generic pharmaceutical products, having the vision to deliver best quality medicines across Southern Europe and Middle East. MORE

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