MS Pharma has signed an in-licensing agreement with Alvion Pharmaceuticals to market rosuvastatin/ezetimibe in the MENA region. No comparable originator or generic product is available in MENA countries. Rosuvastatin is a statin for LDL cholesterol reduction and ezetimibe a cholesterol absorption inhibitor. MS Pharma plans to launch the rosuvastatin/ezetimibe combination in 2023, as a once-daily film-coated tablet with dosages of 5 mg/10 mg, 10 mg/10 mg, 20 mg/10 mg and 40 mg/10 mg.

Kalle Kaend, CEO, MS Pharma: “The combination in a single tablet provides a new therapy option for patients in the MENA region, without increasing their tablet burden. Using rosuvastatin and ezetimibe together has been extensively studied and shown to significantly reduce LDL cholesterol beyond the statin alone. For us at MS Pharma, this new product is also an important addition to the cardiovascular portfolio, one of our key strategic areas.”

John Bouros, CEO of Alvion Pharmaceuticals, said: “Alvion Pharmaceuticals is delighted to enter into agreement with MS Pharma for an important fixed combination intellectual property and looks forward to launching the product in MENA region. We expect to be among the leading companies in fixed combination therapies in the years to come. We intend to further develop this collaboration, focusing on cardiovascular therapeutic categories and offering high quality medicines to the region.” Other pharmaceutical companies have launched the rosuvastatin/ezetimibe combination in Europe and the US, but not in the Middle East and North Africa region.

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