about ALVION
Alvion is a science oriented pharmaceutical company developing and manufacturing non infringing generic medicines in Europe. Collaborating with state of the art R&D centers in EU, Alvion is a private and independent company focusing in R&D, IP, Quality, Regulatory and manufacturing of generic and supra generic products delivering an exceptional track record.
By developing a best-in-class international pharmaceutical company, Alvion is launching a wide portfolio of products and services across EU, MENA, Canada, Australia, South Africa and Latin America partnering with some of the most well-known multinational pharmaceuticals companies.
who we are
Launching products in EU, MENA, Canada, Australia, South Africa and Latin America , Alvion is focusing on delivering products among the first companies prior the patent expiry in EU, offering affordable medicines with an effective supply chain across all the markets.
By developing medicines for its licensing partners, Alvion is an extrovert pharmaceutical company offering a dynamic business model supporting multinational and local partners across a wide territory.
The future of a generic pharmaceutical company rests on creating a flexible, multinational supply chain that overcomes the challenges of the traditional generic business model. Challenging times create real opportunities for a change, new ideas and new approaches. Alvion is a preferred generic partner for leading pharmaceutical companies, establishing one of the most dynamic and fastest growing companies in Southern Europe.

Our Vision

Alvion is a science oriented pharmaceutical company offering difficult to develop non infringing products to thirty markets, setting a new standard in generics by combining our experience with an understanding of health care needs on a global level.

Our Mission

Having a diversified business model that enriches quality of life and delivers outstanding value to all stakeholders.

Our Goal

Is to become a leading and vertically integrated pharmaceutical company, establishing a global presence, serving the healthcare communities and satisfying high performance employees.