Alvion to offer Ticagrelor film coated tablets

Alvion Pharmaceuticals completed the development of EU eCTD Dossier of Ticagrelor film coated tablets.
The product is a generic medicine equivalent to Brilique of AstraZeneca reducing the risk of MACE (major adverse cardiac events) in myocardial infarction patients (source: Journal of the American College of Cardiology). A lifesaving therapy used for the prevention of stroke, heart attack and other events in people with acute coronary syndrome, such as problems with blood supply in the coronary arteries.
Alvion expects to be among the first companies to offer Ticagrelor in Europe to its partners across the world, aiming to penetrate significant market share in Europe, MENA and other territories following its patent expiry.

John Bouros, CEO of Alvion Pharmaceuticals, said: “Alvion Pharmaceuticals is pleased to offer a successfully completed development of Ticagrelor, producing in a state of art facility.
Through our out-licensing agreements, we offer important proprietary to leading pharmaceutical companies focusing on delivering on time and at a competitive cost. At Alvion we focus on the cardiovascular therapeutic category, offering high quality medicines to our partners and simultaneously significantly investing in fixed combination technologies as well as extended-release formulations.”

About Alvion
Alvion Pharmaceuticals P.C. (Alvion), Athens, Greece ( is an international pharmaceutical company focusing on the development of added value generic medicines in various therapeutic categories including but not limited to cardiovascular, diabetes, urinary and central nervous system. With sales in more than 40 countries, Alvion licenses its products to the leading pharmaceutical companies across the world.

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