Innovations equals successful business

Alvion is welcoming business opportunities with multinational and strong local pharmaceutical companies partnering with Alvion’s products via licensing agreements, both in the proprietary and the supply.

In today’s challenging environment, Alvion Pharmaceuticals strive to become one of the most dynamic and competitive pharmaceutical companies in Southern Europe. To achieve such high performance, we stay focused on few important pillars such as Strategy – Markets, People and Products-Innovation and flexible Supply Chain. Focusing on our customers, Alvion’s Business Development team based in Athens, Galway and Durban, having significant experience in the industry is driving the business in all territories.

Alvion is open for new business opportunities to out license its products as well as entering into co-development activities, manufacturing and a number of pharmaceutical services such as Regulatory, Releasing, P

With a significant experience on the marketing trends and the regulatory framework on a global basis, Alvion Pharmaceuticals is well equipped to deliver cost effective products and services to its partners.

With teams in Greece, Ireland and South Africa, Alvion is developing one of the fastest growing medium size pharmaceutical companies delivering an exceptional track record both in in delivering its technologies to the most demanding partners and markets, offering a differentiated and flexible business model. Business Development teams establish and manage the relationship of the licensees during the agreement process, the launch and during the term of any business supporting its partners. Alvion is customer oriented pharmaceutical company, having a global network across the world and Business Development is an important function for the growth rates of Alvion.

Should you wish to discuss an opportunity for our products or services we offer, please contact our Business Development team at

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