a science oriented pharmaceutical company

developing and manufacturing noninfringing generic medicines in Europe.

an international
Launching products in EU, North America, Australia, South Africa and MENA, Alvion is a private and independent company focused on being amongst the first players prior the patent expiry in EU, offering affordable medicines with an effective supply chain.
collaborate with us
Alvion Pharmaceuticals offers the highest quality standard of products, from the delivery of the product to any related and additional services such all Intellectual Property, R&D, Customer Service, Regulatory Procedures in Europe and more.
launch at the right cost and the right time
Launching on time and at the right cost determines the success of the product lifecycle. Our experienced Business Development Team, based in Athens and Dublin are focused on these success factors and support the licensing partners across all territories.

our services

We are dedicated to developing, producing and registering blockbuster medicines in EU, and provide a complete package of services to support our partners at all stages of the partnership.

Research & Development
Alvion means innovation
by developing three to four non infringing products, Alvion has one of the most dynamic and talented R&D teams offering exceptional quality of developments offered in principle to the most demanding multinational in the world.
The Greek generic pharmaceutical industry is one of the most advanced in Europe for the last fifteen years providing the necessary capabilities to consider that in in the next few years it will develop a vertically integrated pharma company with one of the highest growth rates in Southern Europe.
MEANS best service
with teams in Greece and Ireland, Alvion is aiming to develop one of the fastest growing medium size pharmaceutical companies delivering an exceptional track record both in the quality of the products as well as the supply performance.
Business Development members of Alvion maintain the relationship of the licensing partners both on the launch and any negotiation related new pricing as per the requirements of the markets.
Regulatory and Quality Services
is our King
In addition to the product portfolio, Alvion supports its partners by offering regulatory and quality services at state-of-the-art facilities in Athens, Greece.
Regulatory and Quality Services may be offered for the products Alvion is offering or not.

Manufacturing in EU & Technical Services

Quality at its highest

All facilities that produce for Alvion fulfill the best criteria of quality having approvals from EU, SFDA, TGA and many more. The company’s manufacturers must be licensed by the European Medicines Agency and are inspected by that agency. Alvion approves and launches products to markets with multinational partners resulting to the highest standards of quality meeting all requirements of the EU GMP.
In addition to this Alvion offers Quality Services for companies. Quality Reports, auditing, batch releasing can all performed from Alvion on behalf of companies in Europe and USA.